falkon scoper lx

Scoper company is proud to introduce our newest product, the Fallon Scoper Lx. The Fallon Scoper Lx increases the ability of the operators to identify targets in a short period of time with low margin of error. Moreover, it has considerably increased the efficiency in detection time and energy consumption. This new and innovative product comprises of state-of-the-art technologies which uses multiple sensors combined with cutting-edge processing methods, allowing operators to consume less energy while achieving more reliable results.

The Fallon Scoper Lx alongside the Scoper 8000, represents innovation in using all the world’s leading technologies in mining, professional archeology, facilities, agriculture, and many other fields related to land and underground scanning.

Depending on the selected options, the packages have a competitive price tag ranging from $14,000 to $30,000. Depending on the type of selected package, it can cover a radius of 1,000 to 1,500 meters on the surface and depths ranging from 30 to 60 meters in ordinary soil for any type of metals and their mines.

These packages can operate in both analog and digital modes plus manual and automatic settings (selected by the operator) to identify the predetermined objectives quickly.

Utilizing 3D processing, it has astonishing accuracy in distinguishing the type of objects.
In these systems operating parameters are user selectable. The operator can enter the required settings based on the environment type, and the approximate size and depth of the target.

All the necessary technologies, such as sonic, infrared sensors, ultraviolet, and laser, have been utilized to provide clear scans in these systems.

These systems can use two types of radar and separation tracking, and in the advanced type, ultrasonic tracking can explore a wide range of environments in a short time.

These systems have two types of live ground scans on two completely separate programs in which their tracking systems have been separated from the scans. In addition, they are not sensitive to new metals, so they are perfectly suitable for working in industrial and urban environments.

These systems use appropriate technologies to bypass interference from high power lines electrical noise, or environmental static electricity to minimize damages on circuits and measurement errors.

The pulse system of this package is based on PI frequency, which has the ability to penetrate old metals to a depth of four meters and has great accuracy in detecting metals.

The pulse system is highly suitable for any environment and soil type with a straightforward operation and has the ability to work with any loop and sensor.

The pulse system of this package can differentiate between gold and other precious and non-precious metals in addition to providing depth information of such metals.

The low margin of error stated earlier in this description is not specific to just professional operators and large exploration companies; any amateur operator can also achieve such low error rates.

The reasonable price for this highly sophisticated product is an attractive advantage. Scoper plans to use satellites and drones to upgrade its products in the forthcoming future. Currently we are conducting preliminary research on this matter.

The above article introduces the company’s systems, and it is not intended for any commercial activity involving sales.